Stolen Wire

by Parsley

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released October 2, 2014



all rights reserved


Parsley Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Track Name: Rosehips
You hold each piece,
Folded and frail,
Tucked wings hinting at down.
Unfurled your weakness has open arms,
Surrenders to the dawn.

Do you even know that there's a next step?
A symbol sounded by trumpets?
A hydra of red tongues spilling from you lips
Once pursed now open.

Who decides the day on which your rosehips spread to the sun?
Who decides the day on which your rosehips spread to the sun?
Track Name: Bird In Your Mouth
I'm the bird in your mouth
Fast heart settling
No harm in a little game
Your teeth round a heavy-lidded pawn.

Drive your fangs to the gum
Patient predator
No pause for the harm you've done
But you'll take your time.
I'm the bird in your mouth.

In this cradle of spires
I feel everything
Sandpaper wave lapping me awake
I don't know how to swim.

So I close my eyes
Let the streetlamp blur
I know what I am now,
You saw it first.
I'm the bird in your mouth.
Track Name: What's The Word
What's the word for "hello"?
Is it a loaded promise or a pretense?
No blood exchanged, just hand sweat.
I guess we have a while,
So let's decide now where it ends.

What's the word for "goodbye"?
One that doesn't mean I'll see you again?
That swallows nostalgia the moment it's said?

There's a space in your absence,
It fills the room 'til I forget where breath begins.